It has been argued the headphones today are more fashion than technology and there is definitely a case to be made with this argument. But for those love music, movies, television, gaming and media and who will not compromise on performance – they need Extreme Headphones.

Headphones offer all sorts of advantages over traditional loudspeakers including being able to exclude external sound from the entertainment event. Headphones offer a level of privacy that keep from waking people during late-night listening sessions. Headphones are an excellent way to bring motivation through media during one’s workout. With the right “cans” (as headphones are called in the pro audio world) crying babies, cramped seats, TSA checkpoints and other travel maladies are not as painful to take. On many levels headphones just make life a better place to live when paired with modern technology.

Examples of extreme headphones include…

Sennheiser Orpheus Headphones - $60,000 per pair

Sennheiser OrpheusThese tube-powered, over-the-ear, wired headphones are truly something to behold. They come built into a granite chassis complete with a tube amp to make sweet-sounding music for your ears.

Ultimate Ears Capital Records IEMs - $1,995 per pair

Capital Records Ultimate Ears IEMsThese in-ear-monitors (IEMs) are the choice of the pro audio world for a number of reasons including the ability to take every variable out of listening to a recording that room acoustics or speaker characteristics might imply on a recording. Like a performer’s in-ear monitors, these Ultimate Ears need to be custom fitted to your actual ear canals thus they are bespoke to you and more specifically – your ears. They are great for travel in terms of size and weight. They are “dry sounding” thus they don’t have any coloration but they are full range and fantastic sounding headphones.

Sonoma Acoustics M1 Electrostatic Over-The-Ear Headphones and Amp - $4,995

Sonoma AcusticsThe open sound of electrostatic headphones is shockingly good the first time you hear it and lives up to the hype each and every time there after. These open-back headphones don’t block out much of the external sound as closed-back or IEM headphones do but that is how they get their signature, “airy” sound. At a tiny fraction of the cost of the Sennheiser Orpheus headphones, this $5,000 pair of headphones is truly extreme.

We will have more headphones to add to the list soon. Stay tuned.